Social Interactions

"The Estimation of Network Formation Games with Positive Spillovers"
Codes: Main (Fortran), Figures and analysis (R)
Note: Under revision

"Wage Dynamics and Peer Referrals", with Marion Goussé - link (November 2016)
Note: Revision requested by the Journal of Applied Econometrics

"My Friend Far Far Away: A Random Field Approach to Exponential Random Graph Models", with Ismael Mourifie (U. of Toronto) - link (November 2016)
Note: 2nd round of revisions requested by The Econometrics Journal

"Conformism and Self-Selection in Social Networks" The Jounal of Public Economics, 136 (2016) 30-44link

"Some Challenges in the Empirics of the Effects of Networks" (2016), with Bernard Fortin, (Book Chapter) The Oxford Handbook on the Economics of Networks. Eds. Yann Bramoullé, Andrea Galeotti and Brian W. Rogers. - link

"Structural Homophily" The International Economic Review, 56(1) (2015) 235-264  - link

"Do Peers Affect Student Achievement? Evidence from Canada using Group Size Variation", with Yann Bramoullé, Habiba dJebbari and Bernard Fortin, Journal of Applied Econometrics, 29(1) (2014), 91-109 - link

Environment and Public Goods

Matte S., Boucher M.-A., Boucher V. and Fortier-Fillion T.-C "How risk-averse is the decision-maker? Toward a more complete evaluation of the value of probabilistic flood forecasts" (3rd author)
Note: Submitted to Hydrology and Earth System Sciences, available in the discussion forum of the HESS

"Polluting Politics" with Louis-Philippe Beland, Economics Letters, 137 (2015) 176-181 - link

"Providing Global Public Goods under Uncertainty", with Yann Bramoullé, Journal of Public Economics, 94(9) (2010) 591-603 - link

Papers in French

"L'impact des dépenses publiques en sport sur les médailles olympiques: une analyse économétrique", with Paul Blais-Morisset and Bernard Fortin, Forthcoming in Revue Économique - link


On "Polluting Politics" - "GOP: Generating Outsize Pollution?", Tom Jacobs, Pacific Standard, Nov 20th, 2015

On "L'impact des dépenses publiques en sport sur les médailles olympiques: une analyse économétrique" - "COMBIEN COÛTE UNE MÉDAILLE AUX JEUX OLYMPIQUES ?", Francis Vailles, La Presse, section Affaires, Nov 14th, 2015
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