Graduate Students

I'm extremely fortunate to work with awesome graduate students on amazing projects. Here's a list of current and past students.

Current students

PhD students​

Past students

PhD students

  • Elfried Faton (coadviser, main adviser is Bernard Fortin) - Now economist at Ministère des Finances du Québec

  • Steeve Marchand (coadviser, main adviser is Bernard Fortin) - Now Postdoc at University of California, Berkeley

MA students

  • William Arbour (co-adviser)

  • Ariel Jean Philippe Agbantey (co-adviser)

  • François Arès (co-adviser)

  • Evans Beaulieu (co-adviser)

  • Paul Blais-Morisset (co-adviser)

  • Jean-Philippe Boutin (co-adviser)

  • Stephanie-Isabelle Brunet (co-adviser)

  • Nikolas Girard (main adviser)

  • Hugo Leblond (main adviser)

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